We believe that a well lived life contains a presence of beauty and creativity. To nurture this, our foundation is built upon a genuine knowledge of materials and methods that are vital to our enduring designs. We have eluded categorization by operating at the intersection of art, architecture, furniture, and fabrication. Our process utilizes experimental and established digital and physical techniques to produce progressive Shelters, Furniture, and Landscapes.


We were founded in 2009, headed by Peter Costanti shortly after he completed his graduate degree in Architecture at Montana State University. We are located in Bozeman, MT, a constant source of inspiration. We strive to stay true to our contemporary aesthetic while incorporating found and reclaimed goods from the community.


Our diverse team has created a lasting and influential partnership. Between all five team members, we have over 50 years of experience. That experience ranges from custom custom-built furniture, to the interior and exterior design of and entire hotel.