The Lark Hotel

The Lark Hotel In Downtown Bozeman, Montana. Within easy walking distance to all the best local restaurants, bars, and shops. This modern, one-of-a-kind boutique hotel was a collaboration between MFGR, and a local design group based in Bozeman called Think Tank.

This was one of our favorite design builds; because we were able to build everything from the top down. Our collaboration with Think Tank allowed us to flex our creativity throughout the whole hotel - from the reception desk to the beds in the room. We were able to put our touch on so much of the project that it truly holds a special place in our hearts here at MFGR. 

One of our favorite parts of the project was finding a system that we could easily manipulate in production, so that we were able to take the different pieces and make it into a tab system. This made everything the same language, which enabled us to plug and play the interconnecting pieces into new variables and structures.

If you ever find yourself in Downtown Bozeman check out the Lark Hotel to see our work on display!