A Sit Down With Pete

June 26, 2020

A sit down with the head honcho of MFGR - Pete Costanti to discuss recent projects, happenings, and the overall culture within the walls of the MFGR shop in Bozeman, Montana. Humble in nature, its difficult to get Pete to take credit for much of his contributions to projects and pieces alike, despite their success and supreme quality being dependent upon his helping hands.

Pete had the opportunity to collaborate with his mentor on a recent project, resulting in a beautiful medley of western and industrial flare that would be known at the Springhill Garage Project. Pete explains that the vision was "Montana agriculture meets modern design. Seen upon the hilltop as the sun goes down, it reveals itself to you as an enormous lantern, a beacon of home.." You can see the passion in Petes's expressions as he speaks about working with his mentor, and this is when you begin to understand Pete's love for everything he gets involved in, something his employees call infectious. And you see the creativity come forth in every contribution MFGR and it's talented team puts out.

When discussing the environment Pete tries to foster in the day to day activities of MFGR, he stresses the importance of taking creative risks and having the strength of the collective mind behind everything they do. "Bringing a concept from brain seed to life takes a village." says Pete. "Everyone sees a project through different lenses. An idea built easily on a computer screen may not translate to being build easily on the work table, and that's where having our work community tight and under one roof offers so much strength to our process. being able to pop your head in the shop door and bounce an idea off of a builder gives our team the courage and confidence to present new and exciting concepts, because together, we can make it happen...usually"

Developing that team has been no easy task and there have been challenges over the years. But, through those challenges, they have learned that working at MFGR is an adventure. They need each mind and set of hands to capture the essensce of the business. When you see the team working together, you realize that no one person is MFGR, and Pete wouldn't want it any other way. The people are MFGR and what you get when you introduce their products or ideas into your life and home, is that feeling of community.

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